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Engineered by Eric Reiswig

Mixed/mastered by Jude Pelley (Alone Stone Productions, Nova Scotia)

Artwork by Jenny Reiswig

Layout/design by Lael Whitehead

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So Gracious Is The Time (2012)


Aaron Ellingsen - violin, vocals

Amy Reiswig - doumbek, percussion, surpeti, vocals

Eric Reiswig - uilleann pipes, small pipes, cittern, mandolin, hurdy-gurdy, recorders, melodion, vocals

Alison Vardy - harp, hammered dulcimer

Lael Whitehead - lead vocals, recorders

Track Listing

01 - Personent Hodie

An anonymous Christmas carol which appeared in Piae Cantiones, a collection of Latin songs published in 1582. The melody is much older, possibly going back to the 1300s.

02 - Gower Wassail

A wassail song from Wales. Traditionally sung to the health of the company, and also to the apple trees to ensure there will be plenty of cider in the coming year.

03 - God Bless Us Everyone

Composed by Nick Bicât, this melody appeared in the 1984 film version of "A Christmas Carol" starring George C. Scott.

04 - Noel Nouvelet / Eagle's Whistle

Noel Nouvelet is a 15th century French carol. We pair it here with our version of Eagle's Whistle, a tradtional Irish march.

05 - Christmas Medley

Three traditional carols: Greensleeves/What Child Is This, Tomorrow Shall Be My Dancing Day, and Sussex Carol.

06 - Make We Mery Bothe More And Lesse

The lyrics to this 15th century English song make it plain that visitors at Christmastime are only welcome if they're willing to participate in the festivities!

07 - A Belen Vinde Pastores

A beautiful Christmas song from northern Spain.

08 - Nowel Sing We Both All and Some

A 15th Century English carol.

09 - To Drive The Cold Winter Away

The text of this song comes from an English broadside (c. 1625), though we're doing it instrumentally here.

10 - The Crofters' Christmas Eve Lullaby

Composed by Alan Kristenson, this is easily the most depressing Christmas song we've ever heard! (Lyrics translated from Swedish by Alistair Cochrane)

11 - A Christmas Carol

This is a poem by George Wither (c.1620), set to our version of Coventry Carol and God Rest Ye.

12 - Voici La Noel

A traditional French song.



Recorded at
Alone Stone Studio (Victoria, BC)

Engineered by Jude Pelley

Mastered by Adrian Dolan (The Bills)

Artwork and layout by Darren Giles

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Things That Do Sound So Fair (2007)


Darren Giles - harp, jaw harp, percussion

Adam Iredale-Gray - fiddle, vocal

Jude Pelley - mandola, mandolin, dulcimer, vocal, whistle, percussion

Eric Reiswig - small pipes, cornemuse, flute, whistle, mandolin, cittern, dulcimer, hurdy-gurdy, vocal, percussion

Lael Whitehead - vocal, recorder, whistle, percussion

Track Listing

01 - Jean de Neville, Tourdion

"Jean de Nivelle" was published in 1616 by Jacques Mangeant in "Recueil des Plus Belles Chansons des Comédiens Français." It's full of ribald double-entendres and innuendo. We follow it here with Tourdion, which was a lively dance popular in 15th century France.

02 - Carolan's Welcome, Eagle's Whistle

Turlough O'Carolan (1670-1738) was the last of the great blind Irish Harpers and composers. This is one of some 200-odd of his tunes. "Eagle's Whistle" is a fine old Irish march, which we've changed around to play in a minor key, and now sounds more French than Irish.

03 - A Scots Rant, Why Grucchen We?

"A Scots Rant" was included in the 1665 edition of John Playford's "Dancing Master." It's followed here by an original composition of Eric's. The title "Why Grucchen We?" is from Geoffrey Chaucer's "Canterbury Tales," and means "Why do we complain?"

04 - Jean Petit

This is a French children's song used nowadays to teach the parts of the body. As with many children's songs, this one has a darker history: it's apparently an account of Petit Jean being broken part by part on the rack.

05 - Galician Waltzes

Two lovely waltzes from the Galician region of Northwestern Spain.

06 - Lamento de Tristano, La Rotta, Chanters Tune

The first pair of tunes are from 14th century Italy. We've added "The Chanter's Song," an Irish march, as an accompaniment to La Rotta.

07 - John Barleycorn

Many versions of this English folksong are known, going back as far as the 1500's. We've created yet another version by using an existing set of lyrics, set to an original tune by Eric.

08 - Playford Set ( Jenny Pluck Pears / Goddesses / Childgrove)

These are three English country dance tunes, from the 17th century "Dancing Master" by John Playford.

09 - Breton Set ( Zannabal / Dans An Dro / French Soap Opera Theme)

The first two tunes in this set are traditional tunes from Brittany. The third is one we found on the internet, and is apparently the theme music from a French television show.

10 - Rakes of Baghdad, Tant m'Abelis

"Rakes of Baghdad" is an original composition by Adam Iredale-Gray.. We've coupled it with the melody of "Tant m'abelis joys et amors e chans" by Berenguier de Palou, a 12th century Catalan troubadour.

11 - Scottisch fran Havero, Brandgul Revolutionen

The first melody is a traditional Swedish dance tune. The second is an original composition by Darren Giles, titled (in Swedish) after the 2004-2005 "Orange Revolution" in Ukraine.

12 - l'Amour de Moi

This song is from the 15th century French "Manuscript de Bayeux." We were unable to resist changing it to a minor key. Lead vocal is by Jennifer Lang.



Live at the Belfry Arts Centre (2000)
[out of print]

Track Listing

1 - "Brian Boru's March - A French Soap Opera"
2 - "The Arethusa (Princess Royal)"
3 - "Isabeau s'y promene"
4 - "Two Sisters - The Banshee Reel"
5 - "Carolan's Welcome - Eagle's Whistle"
6 - "An Eriskay Love Lilt"
7 - "Geordie"
8 - "Lamento di Tristano - La Rotta"
9 - "Oh no, John!"
10 - "Henry Martin"
11 - "Mist Covered Mountains of Home"
12 - "A la Mode de France"




Live in Centennial Square EP (2000)
[out of print]

Track Listing

1 - "Jenny Pluck Pears / North Country Lass' Lamentation"
2 - "La Rotta / Chanter's Tune "
3 - "Henry Martin"
4 - "A la Mode de France (Nonesuch)"


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