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A selection of photos (and videos too!) from the past, in no particular order...


Halloween Concert, 30 Oct 2009, at the Orange Hall


May Day Celebration 2009, Mayne Island BC


Summer In The Square 2008


Jude PelleyAdam Iredale-GrayJude PelleyEric ReiswigDarren GilesEric ReiswigJennifer LangJennifer Lang
Photos from Victoria FolkFest 2006


Photos from FernFest 2006

November 2005
Eric Reiswig, Darren Giles, Jude Pelley, Jennifer Lang

Photo shoot- Belfry Theatre (2000)
(l-r) Darren Giles, Eric Reiswig, Sara Quist, Lee Herrin

Playing the Fool - Belfry Theatre Fundraiser (2000)
(l-r) Dan Weisenberger, Eric Reiswig, Darren Giles, Lee Herrin.

Sealion War 2001

Look! Matching Harp(er)s!
Darren Giles and Sara Quist at a medieval recreation event in 2001.

Sidney Summer Market

(l-r) Steven Chisholm, Darren Giles, Sara Quist and Eric Reiswig. Photo by Jenny Reiswig.

Out of Hand Xmas Craft Fair - Victoria Conference Centre (1999)
(l-r) Darren Giles, Eric Reiswig, Steven Chisholm, Lee Herrin

Click for larger image.

A panoramic view from the gazebo at Tigh-Na-Mara Resort, in Parksville, BC. 

August 2004: Banquo went on a road trip up-island to perform at Chris and Heather's wedding.  Our warmest congratulations to the newlywed's! We had a great time :)

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